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The Lagoon Tree (‘Kingham-Cooper’) Reserve
This 7.5 ha area established in 2008 started as a barren piece of land surrounding the Lagoon (man-made-lake supplying UIE Palm Oil Mill with processing water requirements).
The Lagoon Tree Reserve has since been planted with several thousand local trees, and now resembles a natural thick jungle, with over 250 diverse species and 12,000 trees at this area alone.

A major source of planting material, serves as a gene-bank for the on-site Nursery to germinate harvested seeds and for growing the saplings to be planted on this Estate, as well as the other Estates in the group to be able to establish its own reserve areas.
The Lagoon is well stocked with a variety of local fish species, attracting numerous bird types (fish eagles, kingfishers, bee eaters, egrets & herons) as well as mammals such as the Malayan Otter.

Main-Office Tree Parks
Extending beyond the Lagoon, are a number of other fields planted with more diverse trees, emphasis on rare and valuable hardwoods such as the Dipterocarpaceae Family (Shorea, Hopea, and Dipterocarpus)

Additionally, a variety of “food chain” species have been planted to provide food & nesting for birds, habitat for wildlife.

The Anak Macang Riverbank Reserve
This 5.85km long strip of land along the southern boundary to Anak Macang River (which is not permitted to be cultivated with commercial crops, as regulated by the RSPO, and which has to revert back to natural vegetation).

Since 2011, it has been enriched with a variety of jungle tree species and become a pleasant ,diverse area for biodiversity. Numerous valuable hard-wood (Dioterocarpaceae species like Anisoptera marginata from James Kingham’s Nursery. Penawar Hutan sdn. Bhd.) as well as Hopea species and Shorea species from UIE Nursery have been planted here.

Todate, well over 3000 trees have been planted along the Anak Macang Riparian Reserve, adding to the variety of wild trees available for the desired range of Biodiversity.

The main focus during 2018 has been the harvesting and raising of trees seeds to the sapling stage, for transplanting and supplying the other Estates in the Group, which one day should replicate the project commenced on UIE in 2008. The tree serve “a 360 degree purpose” : not only being admired as magnificent life form but also to provide future generations of planting material for propagation and conservation.

To date, over 18,500 trees have been planted on UIE in the numerous Parks and Reserves which will no doubt be a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Anak Macang Riverbank Reserve
The main focus of work on the trees reserves during 2017 has been intensified planting of species along embankment of the river at the southernmost boundary of  UIE Estate.

This parallel strip of land measuring 5.85km long and 20m wide, has been ‘set aside’ to revert to natural vegetation upon replanting and which is an area UIE has focused on enrichment planting of indigenous trees from Malaysia since 2011. To date, 3,000 trees from a range of diverse species that provide food and shelter for birds and small mammals have been planted along this reserve.

Ulu Bernam Optimill
A sizeable number of trees from the UIE indigenous tree nursery have been sent to the UP Group Estates, Upriver, and in particular for the new Ulu Bernam Optimill project for establishing its own Tree Park which can be used for gathering seeds and conservation later on.

Apart from UIE’s tree nursery , a wide variety of large ‘rare and endangered’ trees have been sourced from Penawar Hutan Nursery , Malaysia’s leading supplier of rare jungle trees , so that United Plantations will be able to carry out its commitment to conservation and future development of Indigenous Malaysian Jungle trees.

As usual we are grateful to Malaysia’s “Tree Guru” (Mr James Kingham and his family, owners of one on Malaysia’s largest and most diverse tree nurseries) who has provided us with much generous time and advice over the years for direction and the way forward.

The Lagoon (Kingham-Cooper) Tree Species Reserve

Bek-Nielsen Sanctuary

Sg Anak Machang Riparian Reserve

Grut Sanctuary

Bukit Kichil Forest Reserve

Jungle reserve in Lima Blas Estate

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