UniFuji is a cutting-edge refinery operated in partnership between United Plantations and Fuji Oil for the processing of crude palm oil, and represents UP’s continued commitment to its position at the forefront of sustainable practice in Malaysia’s palm oil industry.

This advanced refinery combines the latest refinery technologies with state-of-the-art bioenergy generators, underpinned by the guiding principles of a sustainable circular economy. With its co-location beside the group’s Optimill Complex, UniFuji can generate green and sustainable electricity to power operations, eliminating the need for fossil fuels and significantly reducing the greenhouse gas footprint of this facility.


The UniFuji project was first launched in 2016, and began operations in 2018, bringing together these two partners to develop an ultra-modern refinery complex with world-leading technology.

This partnership leveraged United Plantations’ significant experience in delivering sustainable projects in the palm oil industry, combining with Fuji Oil’s own technological expertise to deliver a cutting-edge solution that is shared by these equally committed partners.

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